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Optimizing Community Management and Social Analytics Reporting for Global Brands

Traditional content approval processes are not conducive to the current digital marketing landscape. Agencies are creating content calendars months in advance and pushing content through internal, client, and legal approvals, which are too slow to keep up with the fast paced and dynamic world of social media. To get the right content out at the right time, 360i needed to overcome the problem of a slow and labor-intensive approval process. This case study shows how the digital marketer solved the problem:

  • Learn how to minimize labor for greater marketing efficiency
  • Find out how to maximize digital content output and reach more potential customers
  • Read about 360i’s secret to increasing creativity for branded content
  • Discover the powerful social media management solution 360i used to coordinate content approval

If you are spending too much time with the logistics of content creation and approval, you need to read this case study. With it, you can begin to develop a clear picture of how your content output can dramatically increase.

“We use Syosmos in the new business process as

For us, Sysomos’ ultimate value is aggregating content and data in one place and centralizing communication protocols to enhance workflow and reduce cost and labor.”

Matt Wurst, Vice President of Social, 360i

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