Case Study: Applebee’s

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Encouraging Mobile App Use Amongst Social Media Fans

Local social media pages offer a great opportunity for retail managers and employees to connect directly with customers, but getting on social media to answer customer questions, resolve complaints, and post images is often impractical and time consuming, That’s why one Applebee’s location turned to mobile apps for greater efficiency in a local setting.

This case study teaches you:

  • How to implement and save time by linking web and mobile
  • How to build and promote your brand on social media
  • The secret to tracking performance of employee-generated content
  • One major way to contribute to the larger brand with no extra effort.
  • How to increase employee response time by 15% or more

Organizations are aware of the need to go mobile and if they don’t have a mobile strategy, they’ll stay behind the competition that does. Learn how you can use Sysomos to create a practical strategy and take your social presence to the next level.

“The service response time to answer Facebook comments or posts has dropped by 15% on average to increase the speed in which locations are responding for the Rose Group.”

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