Case Study: Cactus and Jackson Hole

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Thinking Local and Growing Jackson Hole Tourism Revenue Using Social Media

Jackson Hole Lodging Tax Board went to marketing agency Cactus with a problem: they wanted to reach out and attract customers in their region and beyond to visit Rocky Mountain ski lodges and local business. Yet, they had no website and not enough time to build one before the winter season. This case study shows which tools Cactus used to leverage social media and bring in record revenues in a low-snow year. In this case study:

  • Find out how to move from local renown to worldwide recognition
  • Learn ways to extend seasonal success into year-round revenues
  • Take cues from the way Cactus and Jackson Hole used Instagram to relay their brand message.
  • Educate yourself about how to build major visibility for your brand
  • Discover how to put the power of intelligent social engagement to work to increase your revenues

By the time you finish reading this case study, you’ll have a clear understanding of the benefits of social analytics and begin to plan how they can work for you. Increasing your brand recognition, reaching more potential customers and, most importantly, building your revenue beyond past performance, is no small task. When you find out the details of how Jackson Hole accomplished it, you can follow in their footsteps and harness the power of social media using Sysomos.


Personal, authentic outreach on Twitter contributed to record-breaking revenue for Jackson Hole businesses, even in a low-snow ski season.


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