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Using Social Analytics Throughout The Agency Campaign Lifecycle


How can you leverage social intelligence to inform strategy in each stage of your marketing efforts? We sat down with Sysomos power-user Andrew Panos from one of our leading agencies, Essence, to discuss how they use social insights in all stages of the client campaign lifecycle.

In this case study, we break down the stages and share how social data can be leveraged for each. We also showcase real-world examples for each stage and look at how you can leverage influencers along the way.

“Using Sysomos, we were able to phase out a campaign over three different timed pulses, each one using contextual placement and social model behavioral targeting.

 By hitting the right audiences, the final campaign saw its videos receive a completion rate 20% higher than industry benchmarks, a CTR surpassing 4 out of 5 partner benchmarks, and we won a Webby for our work!”

Andrew Panos, Social Buzz Analyst, Essence Digital

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