Case Study: Georgia State University

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Diversifying the Student Body and Creating Brand Excitement

Georgia State University wanted two things for their brand: 1) To attract a diverse student body and, 2) Generate excitement around their image. To accomplish both, they chose Sysomos to create a Twitter campaign that would appeal to their 18-24 year-old target demographic. This case study explains how they met and exceeded their goals:

  • Use the the secrets of GSU’s success to build your own brand
  • Learn how to choose the right social platform for each specific social media campaigns
  • Discover the benefit of Sysomos’ ability to leverage specific conversations appropriately
  • Get in on the right social media conversations to increase your customer base
  • Find out how to spark excitement about your brand

One of the reasons we chose Sysomos

was because of the workflow it offers. If a tweet comes in about housing, it’s easy to shoot it off to that department.

Terry Coniglio,  Social Media Coordinator
Georgia State University


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