Case Study: Kingsford

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Using Social Media for Contest Execution

The Kingsford Charcoal ® company had an ingenious idea for maintaining their top spot in charcoal sales: a play on the coal for Santa’s naughty list, they would instead find the nicest person on social media and reward them with Kingsford ® products. Read this case study to find out how Sysomos helped them find their winner and ultimately drive sales:

  • Learn the one technique to identify the sources of a specific type of interaction
  • See how Kingsford® rewarded deserving customers to increase brand loyalty
  • Follow a real-life example of how to put a face on your brand to expand your visibility on social media
  • Find out how Kingsford® extended a seasonal campaign to create a charcoal-loving community

This case study offers a behind-the-scenes view of how one company put social media monitoring and engagement to work. By learning from Kingsford®’s example, you can enjoy the benefits of Sysomos’ powerful social data tools and watch your brand’s popularity skyrocket.


The company worked with Sysomos experts to create an algorithm to sift through billions of social media conversations to find the nicest person in social media.


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