Case Study: Midwestern State University

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Building a Strong Student Community

Midwestern State University, a relatively small and public institution, needed to use its resources efficiently to gain, retain and better serve students. Sysomos offered the best solution: tracking, analyzing and responding to current and potential students’ social media conversations. This case study describes the actual experiences of a small organization and will give you ideas on how your own company can use the same tools and:

  • Identify methods of using social media to gain new and loyal customers
  • Find out how MSU keeps current students engaged and informed
  • Learn how the university uses social media data to improve security
  • Discover how to keep customers engaged to increase retention
  • See how social media intelligence can improve your own database

This study is about one university’s social media success, but you can learn how to improve your brand’s reach and efficiency by applying the same key techniques. When you see the increased effectiveness of MSU’s marketing, you’ll understand the benefits of working with Sysomos to harness the power of social media intelligence.


“Sysomos has enhanced our database accuracy

and has helped polish our public image. Paying attention to student concerns at the moment they occur helps everyone: students feel taken care of, and issues like parking and library hours are addressed before the student government has to circulate a petition and spend months becoming frustrated.”

Matt Steimel, Social Media Director,
Midwestern State University


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