Case Study: The Atlantic

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Increasing Readership Through Engagement

When The Atlantic wanted to increase readership by engaging with social media users, they formed an aggressive goal and faced a serious challenge: add relevant content to conversations concerning 500 unique topics. To put the plan into motion, they teamed up with E*TRADE, seeking out social interactions relating to stocks. They needed find a partner who could provide the vast volume of data, sift through it and analyze it, all while providing a visual dashboard. Enter Sysomos. In this case study, you will:

  • Learn how The Atlantic worked with Sysomos’ API to synthesize mentions of 500 topics
  • Learn how your company can implement and act on a similar goal
  • Get an up-close view of large-scale social listening and imagine the possibilities for your brand
  • Discover the array of social data the Sysomos API gleaned from social conversations
  • Learn from the experiences of these two powerful organizations and put the technology to work for you

In this case study, you’ll read how E*TRADE and The Atlantic reached 40k users in an impactful and influential way. Fill out the form to get your copy and learn how your own company can use Sysomos to extend your reach


“Grabbing the attention of readers and viewers

with our content is more challenging now than ever. It’s important
for us to meet that challenge with new and creative content executions.”

Jeremy Elias, Associate, Director of Marketing
The Atlantic


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