Case Study: Ohio State University

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Using Sysomos to Monitor Agricultural Issues


Sysomos’ diverse customer base is a constant reminder that social data isn’t confined to specific industries. Understanding the voice of the customer is universally important for any organization that wants to engage meaningfully with their audience.

We sat down with Dr. Annie Specht, Professor at the Ohio State University, to discuss how she and her team utilize Sysomos to research major agricultural issues. They utilize social insights to research public sentiment around agricultural topics and inform their engagement and education strategy.


“We saw great value in this social data

and introduced the concept of social issue monitoring to other groups within OSU. The organization has now expanded social research to other departments and topics such as animal health and food waste. The great thing about the social web is that we’re not restrained to a set list of topics, so we can conduct research freely as new events arise.”

Annie Specht, Ph.D Agricultural Communication


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