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Social Intelligence:

From insights to business results.

Sysomos helps you get the true social intelligence you need to make better business decisions. Research without limitation, stay on top of what your community is saying, and advertise to people looking for what you’re selling.

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Sysomos Map

Ad-hoc. Research. No limits.

MAP is like the search engine for social media. Listening tools give you snapshots of social activity, based on complex queries you must build carefully in advance. With Sysomos MAP, simply type in your keyword, and instantly see results, including reach and context for your topic today and historically. Unlimited searches, unlimited results, no surprise costs.

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Sysomos MAP - Social Media Research & Analytics Ad hoc social media research

Sysomos Heartbeat

Measure your marketing efforts and engage with your community.

You wouldn’t run a website without web analytics, so your social strategy needs strong analytics, too. Know what your customers are saying, when a crisis is brewing, how healthy your reputation is, what products matter to your community and who is influential in your space. And it’s all real-time, because the social web doesn’t wait.

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Sysomos Heartbeat - Social media monitoring Georgraphical analysis