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What is Sysomos?
Sysomos is a powerful analytics service that brings business intelligence to social media. We deliver the insight and intelligence to listen, measure, understand and engage with the fast-moving social media landscape. Sysomos redefines social media analytics by giving you the tools to not only listen but measure and understand what's being talked about, participate in conversations and engage with key influencers. To learn more, take a look at our products.


How is Sysomos different from social media monitoring services?
The Sysomos platform and services go far beyond monitoring tools. Sysomos provides valuable and useful information such as geo-demographic, key influencers and sentiment. Our products help you understand and leverage social media by answering the five W's - what, when, where, who and why.


How is Sysomos different from Google Analytics or other Web analytic services?
Google Analytics provides information about Web site visitors, while Sysomos tells you what people are talking about, who's talking and where these conversations are happening. Heartbeat includes integration with Google Analytics.


How much does Sysomos cost?
To learn more about Sysomos and the product that best suits your needs and budget, contact us.


How do I deploy Sysomos?
Sysomos' technology is deployed as a software-as-service to customers around the world. Whether you're located just around the corner or the other side of the world, we'll serve your needs with our technology, support and training. Everything is delivered over the Web so there is no software to install.


What is social media? Can you tell me more?
Social media involves the use of technology and tools that let people share content, personal opinions, different perspectives and insights about everything and anything. Social media includes services such as blogs, forums, message board, wikis, microblogging services such as Twitter, social networks such as Facebook, social bookmarking sites such as, and social news sites such as Digg and Reddit. Explore more from the suggested readings list.


What is your privacy policy for visiting your websites?
Our privacy policy for visitors to and is available here.


Are there any limits on the number of searches or queries I can make?
None. Nil. Nada. Unlimited. Unlike many other monitoring tools, we let you delve into whatever topic you deem relevant and much as you like.


How long do I have to wait to receive a query or report?
The Sysomos platform is fully interactive, which means you can do searches and queries in real time, and export the results to create customized reports. Search any keyword - brand, person, product, blog, etc. - with no limits on how many queries you can make. As important, you don't have to set up anything to do a search - simply provide your keywords and click on "Analyze".


What reporting functions do you offer?
MAP features user-friendly graphics that you can insert into reports, along with data exportable using common formats such as Excel CSV, PDF and JPEGs. You can create reports quickly using Sysomos' data, or create customized reports featuring your insights and expertise.


How do you determine sentiment?
You can't possibly read billions of conversations that we collect, manage and analyze. So, we developed leading-edge language and sentiment analytics that look at queries in context - down to the sentence level. Sysomos' fully automated tools determine the tone of a sentence, article, blog post, comment or update (e.g., is positive, negative and neutral?).


Can you search content in languages other than English?
Conversations are happening around the world so we let you listen, measure, understand and engage with them in a wide variety of languages. Search in another language, and translate content on the fly.


Which media/data sources does Sysomos monitor?
Sysomos monitors, archives and provides robust analytics happening on the Web. We look at blogs, message boards, forums, social networks, wikis, microblogs, video sites, news sources and more.


There are millions of conversations so how do I figure out and find the key social media influencers?
We attach authority scores, quantifying the reach and influence of people talking on the Web. We make it easy to find, engage and build relationships with key influencers and opinion makers.


Can I restrict my searches to a place, demographic or time period?
Absolutely. We let you get as granular as you want. For example, you can search for conversations made during a specific month by 21-to 35-year-old males who live in Toronto.


How extensive is the database? How far does it go back in time?
We've been collecting social media conversations since 2006. At last count, we had over 50 billion conversations in our database; and it's growing every day adding 2 billion new items every week.


How often is the database re-indexed?
Every few minutes so our database is always fresh and up-to-date.

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