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Product Features of Sysomos Social Media Solutions

The Sysomos product suite gives you all the tools you need to measure, monitor, understand and engage with social media users.

Covers all major social media sources

With Sysomos, you get access to the most comprehensive database of social conversations, with real-time coverage and historicatal archive of more than 570 billion posts. Our innovative social media solutions include cutting edge tools and analytics for advanced reporting. Our crawlers collect more than 8 million new posts every hour, from sources including blogs, forums, news sites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and numerous other social network services.

Global and multi-lingual

Social media monitoring has no geographic boundaries and our products are used by marketers and executives from all over the world. Sysomos' products capture conversations in multiple languages with ability to translate content using built-in translation tools. In addition, you can use our products in the interface language of your choice. Simply access your personal settings and change your user interface preferences.

Facebook Page Central

Manage and moderate Facebook pages - auto-moderate comments, run sentiment analysis and prepare activity reports. Most importantly, you can centrally monitor multiple Facebook pages all from a single dashboard. There are no limitations on who you can monitor: Your own page, Competitors, Industry Sites, or any other pages of interest.

Instantly discover the tone of important conversations and track the impact of your social strategies over time. With our automated sentiment analysis engine, you can drill down into conversations and understand drivers of positive and negative sentiments.

Reporting via email, dashboard widgets, PDF reports and CSVs

Insights and analysis of the social sphere can provide measurable metrics you can report on. Consolidate information by exporting a variety of report formats useful throughout your entire organization.

Stellar support that everyone loves!

Sysomos provides consultative, hands-on support to get your organization's social media monitoring on the right track from day one. With unlimited access to the Sysomos' team of experts, you can get the most out of your social media efforts.

Influencers and their authority

Quickly identify the relevant people leading conversations and shaping opinion about your organization or brand. You can create a strong social presence more efficiently by identifying your direct influencer network.

No Spam

Our database features tens of billions of social media conversations dating back two years. To produce clean results and provide a more accurate interpretation of social media conversations, Sysomos uses a proprietary four-step spam-filtering process that keeps out the "noise" from a variety of social media channels.

Powerful Boolean syntax for complex queries

For most organizations and brands there can be hundreds of interesting mentions every day, but the problem is that they are hidden among thousands of less interesting or completely irrelevant conversations. With the capability to define your social media monitoring queries properly with Boolean words like OR, AND or NOT, relevant and critical conversations surface.

Engagement workflow

Sysomos' workflow and Social CRM capabilities enable your organization to identify and distribute opportunities found within social media to the right individual or department and track customer response. You can create workflow processes for as many aspects related to social media, such as sales, customer service, campaign management, product development or crisis control.

Detailed demographics

Sysomos collects data from around the world, so you can see where social media activity is happening by country, state/province and city. You can drill down to geographically filter social media participants - the conversations they're having, their age/gender, profession and language. There is even capability to do language translation on the fly.

Instantaneous results

In today's fast-paced world of social media, your organization needs answers right now. Time sensitive events require you to quickly identify the people driving conversations; understand who they are, and their relevance to your company, brand and products. Sysomos instantly provides authority and reach scores based on factors such as inbound links, social bookmarks and connections to help you make right engagement decisions.

Integration via rock solid APIs

Your organization can use Sysomos' API and patent-pending technology to deploy social media content and text analytics within your applications to create leading-edge and intelligent services. Sysomos' APIs can be used to access our large repository of social media content instantly, or you may use our sentiment and text analytics engines on your own data.

Text analytics

Get a handle on the topics, events and themes driving key conversations - as well as how they relate to your company, product and brand. By exploring Sysomos' robust text analytics you can get to the root of relevant conversations or branch out from existing discussions and topics, to discover new ones, and better understand the many factors that influence them.