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Your search engine for social

Simply type in your keyword, and instantly see what people are saying – both in real-time and historically.

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Closer look at a ad hoc query

Tap into over 500 billion conversations

There’s no limit to your curiosity. So why limit your number of searches or how many results you can get? With Sysomos MAP, search what you want, when you want. Change your search easily and instantly as you uncover relevant information or get new ideas.

Unlimited ad hoc searching
Real time data

Unlimited, ad hoc search

When inspiration strikes — whenever it strikes — Sysomos MAP is there. Search as much and as often as you need, dynamically modifying your searches as you go until you find the information you you’re looking for.

Real-time and historical data

When you want the story, you want the whole story. Search the social web in real time, or turn back the clock up to two years to discover when conversations started, how they spread, and what’s happening right now.

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The influencers who matter most

Influence is more than a numbers game. The people who are going to amplify your message and drive the conversation might fly under the radar. MAP helps you discover the voices that carry the most clout for your company and customers.

Tweet Life

Tweet Life

Discover when your tweet hit its tipping point with Tweet Life. Find out where any tweet started, who spread it, what inspired that interest, and how many times it was retweeted and shared.

Influencer Communities

You’re always saying you want to get more involved in the community. Dig deep and discover clusters of active users, understand what brings them together, and uncover ways to create relevance for them.

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Intuitive social intelligence

Simple, elegant, and smart as a sack of PhDs. MAP lets you save custom searches across your brands, campaigns, or clients, then compare them from beautiful dashboards that tell a comprehensive story at a glance.

Comparing multiple searches
Filtering with MAP

Side-by-side searches

Cross-reference conversations across brands, against your competition, or within several topics to see how they relate, contrast, and overlap.

In-depth results

Narrow your search results by geography, language, gender, source, date range… almost anything you can imagine. Then save your filters so you can use them again.