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Customers on social are a needle in a haystack.
Think of us as a magnet.

Ready to find out what’s next? Sysomos Performance gives you unique
advertising opportunities in real-time social conversations.

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The right targets are the scale you need

It’s one thing to get your message out in front of more customers. We get your message out in front of the right customers.

Growing an Audience
Previewing an Audience
Uploading an Audience into Twitter

A simple path to list scaling

Turn your traffic up to eleven. Our advanced look-alike technology helps you expand your list and identify relevant people based on the traits and activities they share with your core audience.

Commitment-free preview

We want you to be sure that you’re sure. Before you start your campaign, you can review your full list of selected Twitter IDs.

Direct upload to Twitter

No need to mess with cumbersome sync or upload processes. Send all your tailored audience lists directly to Twitter’s ad platform right from Sysomos Performance.