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Get a sneak peek at the new Sysomos Unified platform.

Get access to all the paid, owned and earned data needed to create strategic campaigns, take action in real-time and measure those efforts in the new unified platform from Sysomos.

View this on-demand webcast for a sneak peek of the new Sysomos Platform that intelligently links applications to Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage and Analyze on social media.

What you’ll learn:

  • Sharing data insights across applications in the Sysomos Platform
  • How the Sysomos Platform improves the effectiveness of paid media campaigns
  • Creating work spaces in the Sysomos Platform for role-based customization
  • Applying listening insights to paid, earned, and owned content in a single workflow
  • Identify insights, create campaigns and measure their effectiveness

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Using Social Media for Security Monitoring

Learn how some of the world’s leading companies are using social media to monitor for security threats, identify liabilities, and get ahead of risk to make sure that their businesses are secure and protected from any would be dangers.

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Social Customer Service Best Practices

For this webcast, we teamed up with social media expert and New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer to explore how you can hug your haters and make the most out of the opportunities presented by your audience’s detractors.

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Managing A Growing Social Media Strategy

On this webcast you’ll learn tips from the pros on growing your social media strategy. We’ll cover the top 10 tips successful brands follow, and explore best practices for taking social media to the next level as your social footprint grows.

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Real Time Paid Social Advertising Analysis

Learn best practices for paid social media advertising and how you can analyze it in real time using Sysomos. In addition we are joined by a digital advertising strategist from Weber Shandwick offering insight into the best paid social media strategies from his experience.

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Monitoring for User
Generated Content

In this webcast we are joined by Aaron Strout, CMO of agency W2O Group, to discuss what you need to know to get your UGC strategy working for your business needs. In addition we’ll be showing how Sysomos can aid in finding and analyzing the most impactful UGC.

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Analyzing Facebook Data With Sysomos

This webcast dives into what Facebook Topic Data means for the world of marketing with guests from Facebook partner DataSift. We’ll also cover ways you can analyze Facebook Data – and turn it into actionable intelligence – through Sysomos solutions.

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Unlocking Insights from Facebook Data

Learn about how you can execute on five practical use cases using Sysomos to analyze Facebook data to help you support your social strategies with deep and meaningful insights like you have
never had before.

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Community Management
in Sysomos

In this webcast we showcase some of the cool and unique things you can do with the advanced publishing and engagement features in the Sysomos platform. Learn how you can deliver programs that are impactful, but cost-effective for a global strategy.

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Get Started with Social Media Monitoring

We don’t all have the luxury of being a brand with a well-polished social strategy and a regular influx of mentions. But all it takes is a little know-how to gain that elusive competitive advantage by effectively using social media monitoring.

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