Despite the Hype, Social Media is Still New

When you’re in the middle of the social media “storm”, it can be difficult to realize there are lots of other people who have not embraced social media. This could be due to the fact they need more knowledge, they are not ready for it, or they don’t need it.

Irregardless of people who have stayed away from the fray, it is important for people engrossed in blogging, tweeting, updating, engaging, etc. to recognize social media is still a relatively immature and young industry. Sure, there is plenty of excitement and plenty of buzz but it’s still a modest sized club.

This means it is important to not assume everyone gets social media and, as a result, it means there is still a lot of educating and knowledge-sharing to be done.

I’m giving a workshop and speech today in Calgary to the Canadian Home Builders Association about social media. The content is fairly straightforward as opposed to delving into the tactical weeds. It is the kind of content people immersed in social media might see as basic or rudimentary. But it is exactly the information that a lot of people and companies still wand and need.

Like any new technology, social media is working its way to the mainstream but it’s not there yet. While it won’t be that long until everyone knows how to tweet and create Facebook tabs, there is still a lot of work to be done to spread the word.