7 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Marketing Campaigns

There’s so much talk about engagement and conversations when it comes to social media that it tends to overshadow how social media can also be used to drive a company’s marketing and sales efforts.

In particular, social media monitoring and analytics can be effective ways to monitor the success of an online and off-line marketing campaign to give brands the insight to make on-the-fly tactical tweaks that can have a major impact.

So what are the keys to having a marketing campaign supported by social media?

1. Establish a target audience so benchmarks can be created and monitored: An important consideration is making sure there is  flexibility to account for insight from social media monitoring. For example, there could be an initial belief the most reaction to a marketing campaign will occur on Twitter but, for whatever reason, it takes place on Facebook. This insight can let a brand shift in focus in mid-stream.

2. Make sure there is creative messaging: Keep in mind social media services are tools to deliver content and have two-way conversations. The key to a marketing campaign is creative content layered on top of the social media services being used. It could be the use of videos (e.g. T-Mobile or Old Spice), contests, compelling content such as blog posts, or beautiful photography.

3. Talk the way the community talks: By monitoring how language is being used (aka semantics), brands can better connect with target audiences by communicating in a way that resonates and makes sense.

4. Media placement: As part of a marketing campaign, brands will use a variety of mediums to reach consumers. Some of them will work better than others, and social media monitoring and analytics can help to determine whether one approach should get more attention, while another approach should be toned down.

5. Promotional offers: There may not be such thing as a free lunch but consumers love getting stuff on social media, even if the prizes are fairly modest. By offering prizes, discounts, coupons or special access, brands can encourage consumers to connect with them (e.g. a follow or a “Like”), as well as drive word of mouth.

6. Leverage key influencers: There is a lot of talk about influence and influencers because they give brands the opportunity to tap into someone else’s network to drive broader attention. By identifying influencers AND listening to what they’re talking about, brands can adjust their marketing efforts to drive better results.

7. Global versus local campaign changes: Knowing where your audience exists geographically is a key element because it gives brands insight into whether their overall goals and target audiences are being reached. By using social media monitoring tool, brands can determine the location of activity on a local, regional and national basis.

At the end of the day, social media monitoring and analytics can deliver the insight and intelligence needed to have marketing campaigns that feature flexibility and agility as part of the success formula. By being able to introduce tweaks along the way, it can help to drive leads and sales, which, after all, is the ultimate goal.

For more insight into how social media monitoring and analytics can be a key part of a marketing campaign, Sysomos has a free whitepaper within its business library.