NBA All-Star Weekend Gets Social

As you have read in previous posts about the London Olympics and The Superbowl, major sporting events are embracing social media.

Some events still refuse to get on board such as the London Olympics, which decided not to let their volunteers tweet. Others, meanwhile, have embraced it with open arms as we saw with the Superbowl Command Centre.

The NBA has followed in the NFL’s footsteps with an innovative approach to the  upcoming All-Star Game and Skills Competition. For people who liked the judging of Shaquille O’Neal and Dominique Wilkins, you may be disappointed.

Fans will be the lone voters for the popular slam dunk competition – with all voting happening on Twitter, SMS and through a Website. It is expected that voting on Twitter (#SpriteSlam) will reign supreme.

This will surely create an extra level of engagement for the NBA, which is trying to emerge from a lockout and “The Decision” debacle.

The weekend will also feature a number of trending topics and tactics on Facebook. A mobile app has been developed, and all in all it seems the NBA wants the fans to be the real MVP of the All-Star game.

One of the early attractions of Twitter was the vocal, unfiltered voices of athletes, many of which were members of the NBA. So, it only seems fitting they are members of a league adopting social media for such a high profile weekend.

Going forward, every major sporting event from the World Series to the World Cup and even Mixed Martial Arts will have to use social media into their marketing and communications.

If they don’t, the conversation will carry on without them and the opportunity will be missed.

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