Digital Marketers Need to Refocus on Content

It seems people who want to succeed in social media, keep ending up at the same starting point.

All marketers, PR professionals and community managers need to realize the main engine of social media is content.

Activity and engagement are obviously vital but they are a product of content.

The question is how do you create all of the content needed daily or weekly.

The answer isn’t as complicated as you think.

First, you are not responsible to create all content by yourself. Consider guest writers, ghost writers (prepare them properly!) and even just curating existing content.

When it comes to curating be sure to source, or even create a companion piece in which you provide additional information and context from the original writer. This has been a hugely successful tactic.

Your social media success will rely most heavily on the content you create from scratch, and the voice you are able to develop to convey to users and readers.

What makes the best content is always a topic of contention and debate. Personally, I would have to go with strong opinion. This is what drives me back to a brand or writer time and time again.

What do you look for in content around social media?

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