Sinofsky leaves Microsoft, has people wondering about his legacy

Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft’s Windows unit, has left the company. We don’t know if he left on his own or was asked to leave but this departure is causing some waves in the social world.

Sinofsky was behind the release of Windows 8, an attempt most analysts saw as a way for Microsoft to catch up with Google and Apple. Others have seen it as a shake up of the company with Steve Ballmer consolidating his leadership. Whatever the reason, let’s see what the social sphere is saying.

I took a look at the last three days using the search string, “Microsoft” AND “Sinofsky”. As we can see, most of the comments came from the United States, followed by the UK and “other.”

Note that the sentiment is skewing positive but the strongest sentiment is neutral. When I took a closer look at the tweets over the last three days, particularly yesterday and today, a lot of them focused on his legacy at Microsoft. When I took a look at some of the most popular tweets, there were a two main schools of thought. The first is wondering why he left and his legacy. The second was more concerned about the recent departure of prominent men at top jobs at big companies/agencies – Forstall and Apple, Petreaus and the CIA.

When I say concern, I mean comments like the one from Philip Michaels, who tweeted: “It would be hilarious if Apple hired Sinofsky and Microsoft hired Forstall. Like, as part of a some sort of drunken CEO bet.”

But this had us wondering, with the departure of Sinofsky so soon after Forstall, why the shake ups at the two companies? I compared “Sinofsky” AND “Forstall” hoping to find something but apart from standard finance articles (Microsoft’s stock dropped as a result of the announcement) there hasn’t been anything that jumps out. We’ll be keeping an eye on the companies.