Black Friday

Of course we were going to look at Black Friday – the biggest shopping day in the United States and growing bigger in Canada.

Black Friday is this week, right after Thanksgiving and people are definitely talking about it. I took a look at the search term “Black Friday” and social activity over the last two weeks on MAP.

Black Friday Tweets

As you can see, there are 1.1 million mentions on Twitter with an average of 84,316 tweets per day and 3,515 tweets per hour.  That’s 58 tweets a minute if you want to do the math.

The gender breakdown shows that women are the ones doing most of the chatting about Black Friday shopping but what exactly are they talking about?

Black Friday BuzzGraph and WordCloud

Apart from the expected words such as “sale,” “coupon and “deals,” shoppers are being specific about where they’re going to shop. The two stores that come up in the BuzzGraph and WordCloud are Amazon and Walmart, which carries almost everything.

But what about Canada? There has been media coverage about how stores are staying open later to compete with Black Friday in the US  but is it reflected in social media? I did a search using “Black Friday” AND “Canada” and took a look at the last two weeks.

Canadian tweets about Black Friday

The answer is… not very much. There is growth day over day but not a lot of Twitter activity over the last two weeks. This is reflected overall in all social platforms.

Black Friday Social Media - Canada

Could it be because Canadians have Boxing Day sales that last an entire month? Or could it be because of one word?

Black Friday WordCloud - Canada

The word that pops up in the WordCloud is shipping. While deals can be found if you cross the border, shopping from within Canada can still cost you by time you add customs and shipping costs.

Will you be participating in Black Friday sales?