Do You Need More Than One Community Manager?

A community manager may be the unsung hero of most companies and organization. In fact, you might even consider hiring more than one.

While we’ve discussed this topic before, the role and value of a community manager should not be under-estimated.

As social media becomes a bigger part of the marketing and sales mix, the responsibilities of a community manager seem to be growing.

In many ways, a community manager is the digital voice and face of your organization.

They manage and update all social networks, while making sure you are constantly connecting with digital audiences.

Shouldn’t the individual evolve into a team as your audience grows?

A community manager should also be responsible for providing measurement and identifying key issues that emerge. This is by no means an easy task.

Just as important and often overlooked is the community manager is responsible for being the pipeline to the complaints, ideas and suggestions of existing and potential customers.

As an organization, your responsibility lies in giving your community manager all the required resources and content to do their job as well and as successfully as possible.

Don’t dismiss the idea of adding a second community manager to ensure all the social bases are covered. No one person can be in every place at once.