Facebook & Instagram: A Beautiful Marriage

Remember a year ago when Facebook shocked the world and purchased Instagram for $1-billion? It seemed crazy at the time, didn’t it?

As it turns out, it was a match made in heaven, and Facebook once again proved that it knew what it was doing.

For digital marketers, you’ve had a year to discover and embrace Instagram and get on the bandwagon. It’s a marriage that can help you achieve your digital goals.

The best thing Facebook did was let Instagram be itself and grow naturally.

This being said, since coming under Facebook’s wing, Instagram has improved as a social network by leaps and bounds.

Adding profiles, new filters, extra translations amongst other features, Instagram is a great way for companies to visually share their story.

Facebook’s guidance, brand power and digital reach has allowed Instagram to reach great heights, while growing exponentially in terms of users.

You don’t have to be a particular kind of organization to use Instagram to your advantage; you really just need a story to tell.

This excited part in social media will hopefully yield even more positive marriages like this one. As digital marketers, you have to be ready to pounce.

Have you explored Instagram since it became party of Facebook? Do you enjoy the new features?

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