NASA Perfects the Social Media Landing

nasaIf you didn’t believe  every organization has a place play within the social media landscape, NASA is a post-child for a “brand” that established a strong niche.

NASA, a storied organization which you might think requires no further exposure, is now active on Instagram, adding to an already full digital stable.

The embrace of Instagram was planned to coincide with the launch of NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer.

Why would NASA bother to embark on social media since it takes up time and resources? And why does it matter to digital marketers?

Social media has potential for every organization whether you are a startup or a legendary entity that has been in the public eye for 60 years.

You are never too large to rally public support. Proof is in the pudding, as it didn’t take NASA long to rack up more than 32,000 Instagram followers. On a side note, this can also be seen as another feather in the cap for Instagram.

NASA found the perfect outlet for it to market and communicate digitally, and its already solid social footprint now includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

NASA has always been heavily discussed online so it it was not surprising to see it embrace digital as an outlet to share content. It is the right strategic move.

Controversy is also something that is not very foreign to NASA, so being part of the conversation and building advocacy and support is vital to their continued mandate. The digital world was the natural place for this to happen.

A great lesson for other digital marketers out there. If your brand is discussed, than what are you waiting for?

For some more thoughts on what brands can learn about NASA’s approach to social media marketing, check out Rick Mulready’s article in Entrepreneur magazine.

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  1. Not only has NASA beautifully entered the Social Media world, but they constantly invite others to their events and offer their followers the chance to snag a Social Media credential in order to experience launches first-hand…and of course piggyback on those user’s user base and gain extra exposure. The catch? Post updates about the launch! The same thing we do everyday, all the time! I believe its one of the best things you could do, invite others to share these events with you and encourage user-gen content. 🙂

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