What was the Best Social Network for Brands in 2013?

urlWell, it’s that time of the year. The time where we look back and explore what was great, what was mediocre and what we can maybe expect in 2014.

Every year, there is a new contender for the best social media network, and this year the race is that much tighter, especially with the proliferation of new networks that saw good traction.

And the winner is…..

According to  Business2Business, Instagram is the most valuable network to brands and digital marketers according to the numbers.

That’s right…Instagram.

The little network that everyone balked at when Facebook bought it for a $1-billion, has become a tier-one social media player. Without a doubt, 2013 was a huge year for Instagram.

The stats provided by Business2Business show how Instagram evolved over the past  year, and how brands have prospered.

  • Brands on Instagram saw an average of 7% growth in both followers and engagement.
  • Brands on Instagram in the U.S. saw a 1.5% lift in revenue.
  • Brands on Instagram in the UK saw a 3.6% lift in revenue.

Those are pretty gaudy numbers, but are digital marketers still having trouble believing the hype and power of Instagram? The answer is most likely, although it might not be that way for too much longer.

The growth for Instagram in the past year means digital marketers need to start integrating it into their strategies if they haven’t already.

It is refreshing to think that Facebook and Twitter might not be as dominating as they have in the past. The more viable networks, the more opportunities for digital marketers to connect with audiences.

With social media being the way it is, something tells me the conversation in December 2014 will be very different.

What do you think was the best social network for brands in 2013?

What was the Best Social Network for Brands in 2013?

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