What to Expect from Social Media in 2014

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Every year, social media delivers so many surprises and disappointments. It’s completely unreliable and unpredictable terrain.

In 2013, good examples were the rise of Instagram and Vine, Twitter going public and the continued dominance of Facebook.

By the sheer nature of social media and the competitive landscape, a social media network that rose to prominence in 2013 could experience a decline the following year.

The playing field is too tough and crowded for everyone to enjoy success.

The likelihood that Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or Snapchat goes the way of MySpace is highly unlikely.

Let’s make a bold prediction and declare that these  social media networks will buck the trend and continue to see growth in 2014.

Another question that will continue to be asked is whether Google+ will finally become the place to be for brands and users.

I’m going out on a limp and say “yes”, and it’s not because of Google’s dominance in most other digital categories. (Check out this Business2Business post on seven marketing tips for 2014, which includes not ignoring Google+)

With the updates made to Google’s algorithm this past year, it’s fair to say many businesses will start to see the value of a Google+ presence.

This will help grow its fan base, as well as give Twitter and Facebook more of a run for their money. Of course, it’s dependent on businesses doing it right.

This is an important development for digital marketers. If you agree with Google+’s potential, you need to put a plan into action immediately.

Finally, the last bold prediction is  a brand new social network  will come out of nowhere in 2014. (Any suggestions on who it might be?)

Given the volatility of social media and emergence of new services, 2014 is bound to be an exciting year filled with lots of successes, and of course, some resounding failures.

You heard it here first but, more important, what are you expecting from social media this coming year?

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