McDonald’s Super Sizes its Social Media Presence

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Snapchat is not only one of the more talked about social networks, it has found a growing audience and captured some of the market from other large players.

Snapchat may also have landed its biggest user when brand giant McDonald’s publicly opened up an account a couple of weeks ago. This is great news for Snapchat and, as important, it may also be a precursor for other brands to start noticing the new kid on the block.

For those who haven’t experienced Snapchat, it’s a network where users send each other photos, and then the messages disappear according to the time limit determined by the message sender.

McDonald’s isn’t the first brand to take to “snapping”. HBO and Taco Bell have been on board for quite some time, and seem to have found success.

Clearly, McDonald’s thinks it’s an important tactic for their digital communications plan as they have enlisted the help of Lebron James to launch them in a grande and memorable way.

Once again, we are seeing a popular brand take to a new forum and diversify its social media portfolio. McDonald’s approach towards social media has always been to go for it in a big way, and this is only more evidence.

McDonald’s online audience is so vast and stretches across the globe, languages, gender and age that wherever it goes it will most likely connect with fans. Granted, not every brand has this luxury.

You  have to give credit where credit is due. McDonald’s invests the money, time and personnel to replicate its brand online. This lets it connect with audiences in ways that its vast offline tactics doesn’t necessarily allow.

Their go for broke approach should pay off once again. For digital marketers, there’s always a lot that can be learned from what McDonald’s is doing in the social media world.

It’s always fun to see what they are going to do next.

Why do you think McDonald’s has been so successful with social media?

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