Major League Baseball Jumps on Snapchat Bandwagon

tumblr_n17b9v35KE1s76zjeo1_500Snapchat has been gathering a lot of steam lately with organizations and digital marketers. Recently, McDonald’s jumped on board trying to connect with its audience on this promising new network.

Snapchat  landed another big fish when Major League Baseball (MLB) entered the fray at the beginning of this year’s spring training.

MLB’s reasoning was straightforward: our audience is there and Snapchat’s more casual nature fit well with the atmosphere of spring training.

The more organizations and brands  flock to Snapchat and other social media networks that seem to reside on the periphery, the better it is for them and their audiences.

Of course, the biggest winner is going to be the services themselves, as they try to build clout and monetize.

Digital marketers have to be flexible, nimble and willing to jump feet first into new things.

Strategically speaking, digital marketers need to seek out their audience and not wait for their audience to come to them. Setting up shop on the popular networks is vital, but testing the waters on others is just as important.

For MLB, they are really starting to follow the path established by other professional sports leagues. The effort being made by MLB to engage its audience should pay off.

Snapchat is a unique tool for communicating and it allows organizations to develop relationships if they use it accordingly. The opportunity is there, and the best practices are starting to emerge.

MLB seems to be using Snapchat as a more casual vehicle than it does other networks. Its ability to adapt to the network is paramount.

Trust me when I say this is not replacing Twitter or Facebook. They all work well in conjunction. The modern digital strategy involves many networks and tactics geared to the nature of the specific platform.

What new networks are tempting you these days? Will you give them a try?

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