How to Measure the Success of Social Content

For many brands, sharing content (owned and curated) is an integral part of their social media strategies?

But how it success measured? And, as important, how do brands measure the success of content sharing relative to growing their businesses?

social mediaIn a survey done by Ipsos OTX for the Association of National Advertisers, the leading metric for content success is “Likes”, followed by click-throughs and retweets.

The common denominator among the “Big Three”? They’re all soft metrics with a loose connection to return on investment or moving the sales needle.

The question is whether this is the reality of social content, or do brands need to embrace more business-focused metrics to justify ROI?

In many respects, it comes down to how brands want to approach social content. For many brands, the focus is providing value-added content to drive awareness and engagement. The idea is content builds affinity, which could eventually get people into the sales funnel.

Some brands take a more aggressive approach by sharing content that offers value but, at the same time, starts to get customers thinking about how a related product could fit into their lives.

In many respects, the two approaches reflect how brands are doing social sales – some are being blatant about selling, while others are happy to be part of the conversation.

In the coming months, social content will likely attraction more attention, particularly around the value of curation. More brands are realizing curation is a great way to share content without having to create it all themselves.

Along the way, it only makes sense for the ways to measure social content will change as brands look for better ROI to justify activity.




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