Out and about: Feeding Our Future with Sodexo and Second Harvest

Sysomos Helping To "Feed Our Future"

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Yesterday, myself and four other Sysomos ladies had the pleasure of participating in a great initiative put on by Sodexo Canada and Second Harvest. ‘Feeding Our Future’ is a program that provides meals to children in need who are out of school for the summer. These companies partner to donate food and labor necessary to provide summer meals to children who would otherwise go hungry.

Hitting the kitchen at 10 am sharp! The Sysomos team was ready for our task of making 1,100 sandwiches- turkey and vegetarian (whole wheat or white bread).



The Sodexo staff was so kind and welcoming, having everything easily laid out for us. A simple demo of what we had to do and off we went. The radio was playing to keep us entertained and by the end of it, we were all singing and grooving to our favourite beat. We managed to keep up a good momentum and I only dropped one piece of bread! (#butterfingers… literally)

making sammies

The smell of white bread and mayo was in the air but we all agreed how nice it was to get out of the office and get together to do something positive. What a way to build team morale! Sysomos makes it a no-brainer, offering all it’s employees one day a quarter to volunteer with any registered charity of their choice.

And we wouldn’t be a social company without a Twitter shout out, and we got some love right back from @2ndHarvestTO!

2ndHarvestTO Tweet

To find out more information on “Feeding Our Future” or to volunteer your time, see the information below. You’ll have a blast, no doubt!

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Does your company volunteer with a great initiative? Share your experience below.

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