An #SMWLDN Presentation – Using Social Intelligence for Business Decision Making

Big Ben and westminster bridge , London

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Here at Social Media Week London 2015, we had the honor of presenting a Masterclass about using social intelligence for informed decision making combined with creative use cases and ways agencies can provide forward-thinking ideas to their clients to win projects.

We had a fantastic exchange with the ~100 attendees with questions about how data can inform merchandising management, project/idea creation and curation and examination of how UK brands are putting social data to use.

Presented by Steven Read, Lance Concannon and Jason Harris, the topics in the presentation explored:

  • Finding the right influencers for your project/campaign
  • The rise of visual listening and how Sysomos Gaze can help
  • Establishing benchmarking for goal setting
  • Content discovery and curation
  • Integrating earned and paid media
  • and more!

Each of these topics is backed up with specific use cases of how actual companies were able to do these things using Sysomos software.

We invite you to view the presentation for yourself in the SlideShare below:


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