Partner Spotlight: Kinship Digital


Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Sysomos has a global channel partner network who are helping us to make sure that more brands and companies around the world understand how social intelligence can help them make better business decisions using Sysomos. These partners are able to help brands, agencies and companies by offering localized support and their expertise on how digital marketing operates specifically in their areas of the world.

One such partner, which we’d like to highlight today is one of our long time partners, Kinship Digital.

Kinship Digital

Kinship Digital is a digital agency from Australia. The company also has offices located in Southeast Asia. The Kinship team has fully embraced that digital marketing is all about creating relationships between brands and their customers, while also constantly learning and adapting from the insights they glean through analyzing those relationships in the social media space.

The team at Kinship Digital has a knack for keeping their eye on the social world for interesting insights that pertain to their customers, but also to their local markets. They even have a an amazing social media command center in two of their offices that feature Sysomos social intelligence software.

Kinship Digital's Social Media Command Center

On top of being an agency that understands and helps all of their clients, Kinship also produce some really great content on their blog that ranges from analysis of events and issues that focus on their local market of Australia, but also just great tips on how companies and brands can better use social media.

For example, earlier this year the team at Kinship Digital put together a great post about how spammer networks in social media channels can pollute results and intelligence when trying to understand something that is happening in social media.

Using Sysomos MAP, Kinship showed how you, as a marketer, can use data science and the Twitter Communities tool to locate these spam networks and then eliminate them from your results to get much cleaner data to analyze and learn from. It’s a very interesting article and we highly suggest you take a read.

Sysomos MAP - Spammer Network On Twitter As Identified by Kinship Digital

Kinship uses Sysomos tools time and time again to analyze how social media reacts to local issues down in Australia. Just earlier this week they used Sysomos to analyze the debate over Uber taxis in Victoria. I also recall working with their team back in 2011 as we looked at how social media brought people together in Australia as Queensland was under massive flooding.

Kinship Digital Examines How Victorians Feel About Uber And Other Cab Companies

We’d like to say thank you to Kinship Digital for all the great work their doing and for helping us to spread the gospel of the power of social intelligence. Keep up the great work guys!

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