How To Use Social Media For Better Supply And Demand Management

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

When people first think of how social media can fit in with their business, the mind usually goes directly to marketing and communications. But as we’ve pointed out in many previous blog posts, there are so many other applications for social media and the data that can be procured from it.

What if we told you that you could actually use social media to help your supply chain as well?

That’s right, social media can be a fantastic tool for understanding demand of your products and give you insight into how you should be thinking of supply management.

Imagine if you could use people’s conversations on social media, and not just those directly about your brand, to understand how demand for products can change in all the areas that you sell in. By listening to social chatter one could understand how different areas of your market would require your product in real-time.

Today we’re launching our latest guide for download all about how Sysomos Heartbeat can be an invaluable tool to help you understand how demand for products change quickly and how you can use that information to make sure that supply is getting to the right places as demand goes up.

In this download you’ll learn:

  • How social media can be used for forecasting product demand
  • How setting up the right search terms, beyond your brand, can open a whole new world to your supply chain understanding
  • Get geographically specific to how you look at where demand is and where supply is most needed
  • Get alerted to sudden changes in demand so that you can make changes to how you supply your product on the fly
  • And more


Using Social Media Monitoring For Supply And Demand Generation

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