F8: Visual Listening Gets A Boost Of Support

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Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

As Facebook’s F8 conference rolled into day two, more interesting announcements came from the world’s largest social network. One of these announcements particularly caught our eye because it helped to reaffirm that visual listening is going to be a big part of the social world’s future.

Visual Listening Is Starting To Appear In Facebook

Yesterday, at the F8 conference, Facebook announced the company was working on a type of software that could automatically find and tag individuals within videos. This capability will not only allow people to see if themselves or friends appear, but also see the exact points in the video where it happens.

While Facebook is a platform for people to connect with other people, finding yourself or friends in videos makes absolute sense. But behind that technology, it’s more than having the ability to find people. It’s about finding other things in videos such as locations, items or even brand logos…

With this ability baked into their video recognition software, you know it’s almost certain brands are going to want to understand when their products or logos are a part of someone’s life.

Visual Listening Beyond Facebook

While Facebook is the largest social network in the world, they’re not the only one who is seeing the need to find ways to make better sense of images. We understand this need and it’s why we’re leading the charge on visual and rich media listening with Sysomos Gaze.

With Gaze technology, we’re already helping brands to scour Twitter and Instagram to understand where their logos and products fit into people’s lives by identifying images based on logo and product recognition. That said, Gaze takes it a step further by allowing brands to search based on locations or other objects within images.

This is a powerful time-saver for marketers who are seeking user-generated content or influencers who are engaged with the brands products. Imagine being able to say “We want to find images of our ‘product at the beach’ for an upcoming summer campaign vs. ‘product and skiing for a winter sponsorship’”. Looks like we are all on the same track to innovate and help marketers drive relevant customer engagements.

Sysomos Gaze - Scene Detection

For now though, if you’re looking to understand the power of images for your brand beyond Facebook, we’d love to show you how Sysomos Gaze can help you. Request a demo today or check out other articles that showcase how it’s used. Check out this one too.

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