Case Study: Using Social Analytics Throughout the Campaign Lifecycle

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Here at Sysomos, we’re driven to make sense of big data. We provide the power of social intelligence to help our clients make socially informed business decisions driven by data. We’re always curious to know how our clients are using our products and the impact insights have on their overall business strategy – and in their day-to-day operations.

Thus, we sat down with one of our leading agencies, Essence, to discuss how they use MAP, our ad-hoc social research engine, to service clients, keep their team informed, and win new business.

A Look At Agency Life

We had a candid chat with power-user, Andrew Panos, about how Essence leverages MAP in all stages of the client campaign lifecycle. From new business pitching to planning and strategy to content and creative and real-team event tracking, it went way beyond the original post-campaign social report.

It’s the idea of real-time insights being the base for real-time decisions – where you’re no longer learning after the fact, but rather gaining insights and making tweaks on the fly.

This is the type of action that serves as a competitive advantage, one that allows any business to move from reactive to proactive and predictive. For a look at how Essence does this, their case study can be downloaded below (here too).

In it we break down how they use MAP in every stage of the campaign lifecycle, with Andrew giving us some awesome real-life examples for each.

Resources Square - Essence Case Study

If you have any additional tips on leveraging social insights to service your clients or in an agency environment, share in the comments below!

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