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Welcome! This blog post is an extension of our Sysomos In The Classroom program, which puts Sysomos products into the hands of academic professors, students and researchers. We’re accepting applications for the 2016-17 academic year. If your interest is piqued, please visit the web page and apply!

This week in London, we’re attending and supporting the International Conference on Social Media and Society. This annual gathering of leading social media researchers takes place every summer. This year, in London, hundreds of researchers and academics will gather to exchange ideas, network and discuss how social media impacts all aspects of global society.

The International Conference on Social Media & Society is an annual gathering of leading social media researchers from around the world.


From its inception, the conference has focused on the best practices for studying the impact and implications of social media on society. Organized by the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, the conference provides participants with opportunities to exchange ideas, present original research, learn about recent and ongoing studies, and network with peers.

The conference’s intensive three-day program will feature full papers, work-in-progress papers, panels, and posters. The wide-ranging topics in social media showcase research from scholars working in many fields including Communication, Computer Science, Education, Journalism, Information Science, Management, Political Science, Sociology.

At Sysomos, we’re excited to be present to support Professor Donna Smith and Tasmina Afroze, PhD candidate, of Ryerson University.

Both ladies are speaking on Tuesday at Goldsmith’s University in London. Donna will speak in the afternoon alongside her colleagues. The panel discussion will explore fashion brands and their use of social media and influencers to boost purchase intent.

Here’s the full description of the panel.

Donna Smith, Ryerson University, Canada
Ángel Hernández-García, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Ángel F. Agudo-Peregrina, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Joseph F. Hair, Kennesaw State University, United States

This study investigates the effect of online and offline pre-purchase influences and the role of fashion brand involvement and online brand engagement in predicting purchase intention of products marketed in social media. A 4-construct structural model was developed and validated on a sample of 799 shoppers in North America. Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was used to test the model. All six hypotheses were supported and fashion brand involvement was identified as a mediator. The analysis incorporated an advanced segmentation technique, Partial Least Squares Prediction Oriented Segmentation, (PLS-POS). Two groups of similar size emerged with differences that are of theoretical and managerial interest. Expansion of the model and future testing in different contexts will help to refine and develop it, providing insights into social media marketing. 

Also, Ryerson PhD Candidate Tasmina Afroze’s session is on Tuesday. The description is below:

Recent advances in technology have changed the way people use Internet. Customers use online platforms to socialize with friends and family, interact with new people and to gather latest information from all around the world. People coming together in online platforms give rise to virtual communities. In this paper we highlight the importance of online brand communities and compare community leaders across brands. Understanding the notion of influencers is important for marketers as these leaders help to create a reliable brand community that can resonate with consumers’ desire to build brand loyalty and devotion. Using three different brands of jeans we examined online communities formed within Twitter, using Sysomos. The results showed that there is not much overlap with influencers across brands. However, influencers that are common across brands are very similar in structure and communication strategies. 

If you’re at the conference and you’d like to meet up with myself, I’ll be on hand. Tweet at me, I’m @harrisja.

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