How Euro 2016 Played Out On Twitter

Euro 2016 Opening Ceremony

Claude Springer Claude Springer, Managing Director, EMEA

Portugal wins the Euro 2016 tournament

The vin rouge has stopped flowing and the international fans have made their way home, as the Euro 2016 football tournament has come to a close with Portugal crowned champions.

During the event itself, which began on June 10th and ended on July 10th, the contest was mentioned a massive 24 million times on Twitter. The trend line below shows the volume of Twitter mentions of Euro 2016 by day throughout the tournament, peaking at 2 million mentions on the day of the final match.

Sysomos MAP - Twitter activity during Euro 2016

The word cloud further highlights that the final day featured heavily in the discussions, as illustrated in the use of keywords such as ‘decided’, ‘trophy’ and ‘Sunday’ below.

Sysomos MAP - Word cloud for Euro 2016

Additionally, two prominent nations standout in the buzzgraph; no surprise it is the two finalists.

Sysomos MAP - Buzzgraph for Euro 2016

While we know the result on the pitch, why don’t we assess the head-to-head off the field where some social media enthusiasts will say it really matters? Turns out Portugal can keep their medals as they’ve also won the Twitter trophy…

Sysomos MAP - Analyzing Portugal and France's team Twitter handles

Sysomos MAP - Top hashtags used on Twitter during Euro 2016

Round 1 goes to Portugal who’s hashtag was trending the most throughout the competition with 2.2 million mentions in comparison to France’s 1.7 million. However, round 2 goes to France with an increase in followers 3 times that of Portugal. Over the last month, France’s followers grew by 107,795.

Antoine GriezmannSo, for the decider, we asked, “who was the biggest superstar of the tournament?” I know you are all thinking well that’s a knockout victory for Portugal due to having the legend that is Cristiano Ronaldo. If you consult the buzzgraph above you’ll actually find it was France’s very own pocket-rocket Antoine Griezmann. Not only was he voted player of the tournament; he was the top goal scorer and the top trending player on Twitter. A triple threat with 2.8 million mentions throughout the tournament:

Sysomos MAP - Twitter activity around Antoine Griezmann

Despite the tournament being a European based football competition, the rest of the world was not shy about sharing their opinions throughout the competition. With the Americas giving their fair share of activity in comparison to Europe and a rich spread in noise across the globe:

Sysomos MAP - Geolocation Heat Map of tweets for Euro 2016

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some of the most retweeted #Euro2016 posts from the competition:

To conclude, France, in the face of hooliganism and terrorism threats, were fantastic hosts and put on a fantastic show for the world to see. It is only fitting to applaud and shout “Vive la France!”

I know what you are thinking…what now? What will I do in the evenings? Will there be any early work finishes to get behind your nation? What will be on the office television screen? Fear not people, the Olympics is just around the corner…

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