[Upcoming Webinar] Customer Generated Content – 7 Things Marketers Should Know

Alex DiRenzo Alex DiRenzo, Former Contributor

If you had the opportunity to leverage the voice of genuine fans of your brand and interests to create content on your behalf, would you ignore them? Would you look past communities of individuals who feel passionately enough about your business or interests that they are willing to endorse your brand with little to no persuasion? If these content opportunities sound compelling to you as a marketer than Customer Generated Content (also known as User Generated Content) is a content strategy you may want to start considering as a part of  your social marketing plans.

But, what exactly is Customer Generated Content? Customer Generated Content is content such as blogs, videos, images, threads, posts, audio and many other types of media that are created by your customers, often on social media.

It’s often talked about when executed well but for marketers just learning about it or starting to consider its’ use there can be a lot of questions and not a lot of resources to provide answers. Luckily, at Sysomos we know a lot about Customer Generated Content, and have partners with valuable expertise and experience in this area.

One partner in particular is Aaron Strout from WCG World (a leading agency and part of the W2O Group of companies). Aaron’s insight into Customer Generated Content comes from nearly 20 years of experience in social media, advertising, mobile, and online marketing.

Aaron is currently the president of WCG World but also is the co-author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies, and a monthly columnist for MarketingLand.com to name a few of his credentials.

On September 29th, at 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST we invite you to our webinar on Customer Generated Content: 7 Things Marketers Should Know.

In this webinar, Aaron will be joining us and drawing on his own experience to discuss what marketers need to know to get their Customer Generated Content strategies off the ground. In addition, we’ll give a quick overview into how you can action some his suggestions using Sysomos Gaze. Lastly, we’ll have a short panel discussion about Customer Generated Content with Aaron and our own Chief Evangelist Amber Naslund.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about a hot topic in social media marketing from one of the industries most experienced voices.

We hope to see you there.

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