How to Make Social Media Management Scale

Raquel Trinidad Raquel Trinidad, Former Contributor

When you are doing social media marketing, you have to think about ways to scale your efforts. Everyone starts at point zero. For example, when you first put up your Facebook page, you don’t have any likes, comments or shares.

As you begin to promote your page, however, you hopefully start to get attention and build a following. If you learn how to scale, on the other hand, you can start to see exponential growth. You may get 25 new followers the first month, 50 the next and perhaps get to the level where you’re getting over 1000 per month.

At some point, even with scaling, you will most likely plateau. This is when you reach the point where it’s difficult to keep expanding at a fast rate. Even Facebook itself began to plateau once it reached around a billion users. However, this still allows for a tremendous amount of growth. Let’s look at some of the best ways to scale your social media management activities.

Use Automation

It’s almost impossible to employ social media scaling without either using automation tools or outsourcing some of your efforts. Adding content to your pages, monitoring responses and tracking your results becomes ever more time consuming the larger your following gets.

You will definitely need some kind of help. While outsourcing is always an option, this can be very costly. You also have to be sure that the person or company you’re employing is competent, trustworthy and using strategies that are consistent with your objectives.

If you use the right social media management tool, you can get a great deal accomplished on your own. You may actually need more than one tool. Some tools are good for automating your social media posting. Others help you with tasks such as analytics, monitoring conversations and managing ad campaigns.

No matter how good your social media tools are, however, it’s still up to you to decide how to use them. You need to test your results to find out the optimum times per day to post to your social media accounts as well as the best times of the day. Even more important is to identify the best type of content to keep your audience engaged.

Repurpose Content

Another way to scale your social media efforts is to repurpose your content as much as possible. This gives you more exposure and leverage for everything you create. Let’s say you start with a single blog post. There are many ways to repurpose this. Some of these tasks take a little time, but far less than it would take to create something new from scratch.

  • Link to blog posts on your social media pages. It’s best to not use the exact same copy for every social media post. You probably have many of the same people following you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. If they keep seeing the same posts, even across different sites, it quickly gets tiresome. So use different headlines and titles to link to your articles.
  • Turn articles into infographics or slideshows. This is a way to make your content more visually compelling and diverse. People who can’t take the time to read a whole article might be willing to scan an infographic.
  • Create videos. There are various methods to turn articles into videos. A simple approach is to make a slideshow video. If it’s a long article, you might just capture the main points. Animoto has tools that let you make attractive videos with music, images and text.
  • Make podcasts. Podcasts are more popular than ever. You can create podcasts yourself by reading your own articles. Or you can hire a voiceover person or use software.

Have a Content Creation Strategy

The basis of social media marketing is content. Before you can think of automating and scaling your efforts, you need a system for creating content. You either have to create it yourself or outsource this task. Either way, you should have a schedule for creating and distributing your content. You might set aside a couple of hours on a certain day to create all of your content for the week.

Promote and Repost Your Most Popular Posts

It’s important to track metrics such as reach, views, clicks and engagement with all of your social media actions. Take note of which posts are getting the most attention. First of all, this provides a clue for what kind of content to create in the future.

You should also repost popular posts. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it with reposting, as this can annoy your followers. You can get away with more reposting on Twitter than on other social sites, as the feed moves so quickly many of your followers won’t see it the first time. Popular posts may also be boosted or promoted on Facebook.

Make Your Content Shareable

One of the best ways to scale your social media marketing is to get more of your content shared. When your posts and images are shared, you are reaching lots of new people without having to do any extra work yourself. Here are a few simple ways to encourage sharing.

  • Post images, memes and videos, which are the type of content people are most likely to share.
  • Post content that’s timely and trendy. People are more likely to share the latest news or something that’s currently trending.
  • When people share your content, acknowledge them. It takes a few extra seconds to do this, but it motivates people to keep doing this for you. Follow people back and like their posts in return. As you get bigger, this becomes more difficult but you can still take the time to acknowledge your most loyal fans.
  • Use social share buttons to make it easy to share your blog posts.

Scaling is always hardest at the beginning, when you don’t yet have a significant following. Once you reach a certain point, you’ll be able to build some momentum to carry you forward. At this point, your followers will carry some of the load by sharing your content. Of course, you have to give them good reasons to do this. The above strategies can help you scale your social media management tasks.


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