Visual Brand Intelligence: Say Hello to the New Sysomos Gaze

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Jacqueline Hong Jacqueline Hong, Former Contributor

Visual content dominates the social web. Just how big is this movement? According to Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report, there are more than three billion images shared on social media every day – and nearly one million minutes of video are shared every second.

If you’re ignoring visual marketing and analytics as part of your social and content strategy and only ‘listening’ to customers via traditional text methods, you’re missing half the equation – and we encourage you to take a look at the new enhancements we announced today for Sysomos Gaze.

Why? These new features and capabilities will help you stay ahead of the curve by providing you with visual brand intelligence, enabling you to glean context and actionable insight from images and videos shared across the social web. With these new updates, you can now:

  • Find and curate authentic social images and videos from consumers in a single view
  • Automate approval request workflows, enabling marketers to easily gather permissions from consumers to use their images and videos in marketing campaigns
  • Build collections of images based on visual elements by selecting a set of images with elements you want to monitor and curate (via look-a-like content builder with Smartlists)
  • Monitor and engage with Instagram and Twitter influencers, gaining insights into their unique traits, affinities, and activities

Let’s expand on what’s new and explore how these enhancements will help you get an end-to-end view of the way your products and services are consumed and received by audiences.

Find and Curate User-Generated Content

The exponential rise in user-generated content (UGC) has made it critical for brands, agencies and marketers to see where their products and services are being used and featured by actual customers.

This content not only helps you understand your customers, it also presents an opportunity to engage with users and repurpose this content for your own marketing efforts.

With Gaze, you can now find and curate these authentic viral consumer social images and videos in a single view – and directly request image rights from users. Utilizing this functionality, you can extend efforts to build a community around your brand and execute relevant, cost-effective marketing campaigns.


Analyze Audiences and Track Influencers

Sure, images and videos allow you to see and understand your audiences with much more context and depth than you could purely with text, but what about tapping into this intel?

That’s exactly what Gaze delivers. Enabling you to execute a detailed analysis of audience activity and engagement, you can gain insight into the traits, affinities, and activities of your customers.

Also new: enhanced influencer tracking capabilities. Allowing you to identify, monitor, and engage with key influencers, you can now build and maintain meaningful relationships with thought leaders (with the goal of on-boarding them as brand ambassadors to expand your reach and grow your social community).


Save Time and Share Knowledge

Lastly, as we all know, time is money. And who has time to sort through visual content? It’s definitely not the way to focus on the insights that lead to action.

Lucky for you, Gaze now delivers the ability to auto-train the system, allowing you to categorize content and sort relevant visuals based on personalized themes and criteria.

Along these same time-saving lines is detailed reporting. With updated reporting capabilities, you can now capture rich visual insights in an intuitive and actionable format – and easily share these reports with your leadership department or team.Sysomos Gaze - Analysis BreakdownIf you want to learn more about how our visual intelligence offerings can help you analyze brand health, identify influencers, or better engage with customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to show you more.

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