Ten Speakers, Tons of Questions, One Summit

David Berkowitz David Berkowitz, Former Contributor

Having attended somewhere between 500 and 1,000 conferences, one of my favorite reasons to go to them is to hear the kinds of questions people have, and then see how some of the best speakers address them. For the Sysomos Summit in late February, let’s get a head start. Here are questions for ten speakers who will be joining us in Raleigh:

1) Melissa Parrish, Vice President and Research Director, Forrester

“Digital transformation” is a term that’s surfacing far more lately (perhaps thanks to Forrester), and a lot of agencies and consultancies are adopting it. What exactly is being transformed now, and how often is social marketing playing a significant role in that transformation? When is “digital transformation” something real, as opposed to serving as a synonym for something like “innovation” which became so overused?

2) Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Senior Director, HR Digital Strategy, Hilton Worldwide

On LinkedIn, you call yourself “a corporate intrapreneur” working on “building high performing teams that… aren’t afraid of failure.” What are some of the bigger risks you and your team have taken when you weren’t sure what the outcome would be? How do you get buy-in when you’re running a pilot and can’t tell at the start how it will work out?

3) Jason Falls, Strategy Advisor, Conversation Research Institute

What are the best product innovations you’ve come across that have been influenced by social intelligence? Are certain industries particularly adept at using such analytics for research and development?

4) Lauren Harper, Senior Manager, B2B Content and Social, Pandora

How does B2B content marketing differ from B2C content marketing? What’s one thing B2B marketers can learn from B2C marketers when it comes to social media, and what can B2C marketers learn from B2B marketers?

5) Peter Heffring, CEO, Sysomos

How often do you come across businesses using any kind of social data in their customer lifetime value metrics? What kinds of marketers are best equipped to factor CLV into the equation?

6) Leigh Willis, Behavioral Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How closely do epidemiologists at the CDC monitor social media patterns? What kinds of health-related behaviors can you best predict by monitoring online conversations? With recent outbreaks the past few years such as Zika and Ebola, did monitoring social media help in any way?

7) Kunal Merchant, Audience Insights Partnerships, Facebook

Nearly a decade ago, you grew the DesiHits community into one of the most popular entertainment brands on Facebook at the time. As someone who works at Facebook now, what is it that you learned from working on DesiHits that remains relevant for marketers today?

8) Charlie Oliver, Founder, Served Fresh Media

How bullish are you on live video for brands? Is this going to be a mainstay for brands in the coming year, or is this rush of interest bound to fizzle?

9) Matthew Rednor, CEO, Decoded Advertising

Your agency just won Best in Show at the 2017 Digiday Video Awards for the “Dull Life” digital video series you produced for Dollar Shave Club. You created some of the dullest long-form videos imaginable, like one of a snail crossing a road. What made you think that this would be successful, and what did you learn from doing this work that you will take with you for other campaigns?

10) Sharon MacGregor, Instructor, Sunrise Yoga

For someone who likes the idea of yoga but isn’t all that flexible and doesn’t like waking up anywhere close to sunrise, are there any health benefits to stretching a bit during an 11am doughnut break?

Those are just some of the questions we hope to address at the Sysomos Summit. Want answers? Register now, and we’ll see you there.

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  1. Hello David — glad you asked — for the donut lovers, who are late risers, and not very flexible — I have some easy chair stretches — you will definitely be able to touch your toes 🙂 and be energized for the rest of your morning! Looking forward to seeing you at the Summit.

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