A New Platform Delivering New Kinds of Insights

Peter Heffring Peter Heffring, CEO

Today, our customers all around the world gain access to the new Sysomos unified platform. Here are some aspects of it that we’re especially proud of:

  • There’s now a single dashboard requiring just a single log-in, with a completely unified user experience.
  • You’ll see new visualizations to speed up how quickly you can turn data into insights.
  • You can easily flow through different modules. For instance, if you’re doing a search and find something that requires a response, you can respond to it right there. It’s very easy to add and change modules so that you have access to whatever you need most.
  • It ties together earned, owned, and paid media, tracking more than a thousand metrics. You’ll now have one complete view of your data.
  • It’s fully customizable. If there’s an analyst who needs to monitor dozens of graphs daily, she can have a completely different view than a chief marketing officer who needs to periodically check on a few critical brand health metrics.
  • It’s designed for mobile. While ‘mobile-first’ is a popular buzzword, marketing technology software such as ours is most often used by someone sitting at their desk. But when they’re on the go, in meetings with their teams or clients or partners, they want access to their data and reports, and this is what the new platform prioritizes.
  • Image recognition keeps getting more powerful. One popular use of it is that when marketers promote an image, our technology can use reverse image lookup to see where it spread across social channels.
  • As fond as we are of our pioneering products such as MAP, Heartbeat, Expion, and Gaze, we’re simplifying all the names. Instead, the new platform is where you’ll go to Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage, and Analyze. Marketers need more clarity than ever, so with every aspect of the new platform, that’s what we aim to deliver.

I’m also really excited about where the platform is heading.

The new platform will give our clients access to our foundation for automated insights, backed by a data center that can process trillions of calculations daily. We like to break them down into guided insights and unguided insights. With guided insights, marketers give explicit direction as to what they need. With unguided insights, the platform discovers anomalies and affinities that marketers would not normally look for or have the resources to research, and it does this intelligently and proactively.

Our customers will always be the arbiters of insights. Using the Automated Insight Decision Engine, you’ll determine the actions you’ll take from the new intelligence delivered to you. You’ll decide what’s informative and what’s truly insightful. What we want to do is give you the best tools to make those decisions faster, and to create bigger business opportunities.

The new unified, integrated platform truly allows our customers to be better storytellers. That’s not always intuitive with such a data-driven product, but marketers are spending too much time collecting data and not enough practicing their craft. Marketers ultimately need to know more about how their stories resonate. Did paid media influence earned media? Did it change the conversation? Did it change how people feel, and how people act?

This is what we’re here for. You can now seamlessly Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage, and Analyze in ways never before possible. The platform will keep getting faster and keep getting smarter, and as the year goes on, we can’t wait to show you what’s ahead.

Read the entire press release here. Also, join us on Wednesday, April 12th at 1:30pm EST for a look at our unified platform.