Top 5 Things You Can Do With Sysomos Search

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

Sysomos Search is a powerful social research platform that allows for an unlimited amount of ad-hoc searches and puts billions of social conversations at your fingertips. With Search you have the flexibility to search for what you want, when you want it. Search was created to help you quickly make sense of mass amounts of data, allowing you to cut through the noise to get the most essential insights to make smart data-driven decisions. Let’s go into the top 5 things you can do with Sysomos Search.

1. Market, Topic, Trend Research:

Research your brand, industry, and competitors to analyze conversations and identify trends. 

In the vast world of social media there are people talking about your brand, industry, and competitors but what are they saying?  With Sysomos Search you’ll be able to find the exact conversation you care about, identify current trends and potential future trends. 

Using powerful Boolean operators and the Sysomos query builder, you’ll enter terms relevant to your brand, then we take it from there.  All terms are found within our archive of billions of conversations then presented to you as easy to read metrics.  You’ll be surprised at the wealth of content there is to be discovered.  

Search allows you to research billions of conversations that are happening in real-time to discover insights and themes as they unfold. Use social media data over a select period of time to find out what drives a particular conversation and who is influencing the trend.

2. Powerful Audience Insights:

Segment audiences to better understand what they care about; produce content that will resonate.

Current customers, future customers, subject matter experts, and influencers all impact your business so why not better understand what they need and care about.  With Sysomos Search you’ll be able to not only locate a specific audience but segment them for deeper analysis so you can produce content that will resonate.

Using Sysomos audience segments, you are able to individually analyze groups of specific users such as potential customers to find their needs and target your content to them.  

Take a look at the case study with W2O as they discuss audience architecture, which is a shift in creating marketing campaigns. With the proper insights they can uncover what the audience cares about before taking a campaign to market. They also find value in discovering new audiences that hadn’t been previously tapped.

3. Competitive Benchmarking

Research your competitors to compare market share and establish success metrics and KPIs.

 Fans, followers, likes, shares, retweets, mentions.  There are plenty of metrics to track your own brands social activity but what do they all mean?  With Sysomos you’ll not only be able to track your own social metrics but also your competitors, which will provide benchmarks you can compare against.  Having a unified dashboard to compare your brand with your competitors is a key part of the platform. 

Sysomos gives you the ability to analyze non-owned Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to research your competitors so you can compare market share and establish success metrics. 

See how Spectrum Science uses these insights to separate themselves from their competitors. When working with pharmaceutical companies they create competitor landscape analysis for their clients to ensure they have real-time insights.

 4. Influencer Identification

Amplify your brand’s message by surfacing and engaging key influencers across desired audience groups.

Reaching and engaging with the same audience day in and day out?  It’s time to amplify your brands message to a new world.  With Sysomos you’ll be able to discover the influencers and subject matter experts on any topic who can help connect you with a new audience.  

Using Sysomos’ unique metrics to not only locate the people talking about any topic but also discover the users who have high engagement that can broaden your message by taking it to new audience groups. 

Find out how Mas Fusion uses this top aspect of Search to not only follow the customer and influencer journey, but to also discover and measure the conversations before and after their interaction with your brand.

 5. Content Creation

Inform content creation and campaign strategy by identifying industry-related themes and trends.

Wondering why your campaigns are not resonating with the targeted audience?  With Sysomos you’ll be able to conduct industry analysis to identify themes and trends which you can use when creating your own content.  As DDB Latina mentions in their recent case study, content creation and analytics happens at the speed of culture. 

Using Sysomos’s activity graphs, you’ll be able to analyze large volumes of data to discover periods of time where there were spikes of activity, then using our unique text analytics, reveal common themes within the conversations.   

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