#MillennialAMovie – A Spin On the Silver Screen

Heather Satterfield Heather Satterfield, Marketing Manager

On Wednesday morning #MillennialAMovie started reeling in thousands of hilarious spins on movie titles via Twitter. Basically, slight revisions to the title of movies were being made to give them a Gen-Y flare. Within a 24 hour period, using Sysomos Search, we can see that mentions of #MillennialAMovie on Twitter sprung to over 32k.

Some of the movie title tweaks took jabs at millennials, who are the generation that continuously gets criticized. Let’s not forget when avocado toast, real estate, and millennials were the talk on Twitter.  Speaking of talking, here’s a look at the states leading the conversation on #MillennialAMovie on Twitter.

Also, using Search we were able to see the top retweeted posts for #MillennialAMovie. Grab some popcorn and enjoy a few of those:

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