The Emergence of Social Media Data in the Private Equity Due-Diligence Process

Bob Keleher Bob Keleher, Account Manager

In the world of Private Equity, social media data has become an essential and cost-effective means to gain an edge in the bidding process. It’s also become an important part of identifying risks and opportunities amongst existing investments.

During my 8 years in this industry, I’ve been approached dozens of times about this use-case by Operating Execs, Data Analysts, and Developers. With the help of some smart partners we pioneered a method that was successful on a limited basis. That said, we always faced challenges when scaling our method across large #’s of potential and existing investments.

However, due to recent advancements those problems are gone, and today the world’s smartest Private Equity firms are equipping their analysts with rich social data-sets for the first time. This has all been made possible by: Increased Social Media Data Availability, Flexible User Interfaces and APIs, and most importantly the hunger to maintain an edge in the hyper-competitive bidding process.

If you’re responsible for innovation, data-acquisition, or risk management I encourage you to reach out and learn more from our team. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A straight-forward education on industry best-practices.
  • Flexible data-models and pricing
  • An experienced implementation team to work with your developers and analysts.

Some of the benefits:

  • Access to data and insights within minutes.
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Sub-Topic Analysis on Purchase Intent, Products, Customer/Employee Satisfaction, Exec Teams, etc.

Learn more by clicking here, and be sure to stay tuned later this month for a data-driven analysis of the most high-profile acquisition of 2017.

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