Event Recap: Meltwater Social Summit San Francisco

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

We recently said goodbye to San Francisco as we wrapped up an amazing Meltwater Social Summit. The conference was packed with one of the best lineups we’ve ever had. We spent the day with the best digital marketers discovering ways in which we can all unlock the power of social. You could feel the energy of everyone there as they walked away with inspiration and ideas on how to transform the way they do business.

See more photos from our San Francisco Summit here.

Key Takeaways

The day was packed with a number of keynote speakers, a panel, and duo from the likes of – Mailchimp, Mary Kay, Lewis PR, Sitecore, Shiseido, Marriott, Agri Beef, Reddit, and more. We thought we’d take a minute to share the takeaways from the day.

Navigating a World Drowning in Data
Jorn Lyseggen, CEO & Founder, Meltwater

Our CEO, Jorn Lyseggen, kicked the day off with a fireside chat led by John Box, the Executive Director of Social. Jorn shared that his basis for creating Meltwater was the feeling that everyone was drowning in a sea of information that was so hard to track. He went on to discuss how the melding of Sysomos with Meltwater will enable organizations to analyze social media, news, and other human-generated content in one platform, giving businesses insights from outside data.

Digital Transformation – Designing Your Future
Erik Qualman, #1 Best Selling Author & Digital Expert

Erik Qualman blew our socks off with his keynote presentation. The STAMP principles for digital are the 5 key components that matter most not only in our day-to-day lives, but also business. Erik suggests that multi-tasking is not a good use of time or brain power because our IQ drops 10 points when we multi-task and we can only do one creative task at a time. Some of us think if we can’t multi-task then we are failing, but failing makes us better. This leads to one of my favorite statements from his presentation – Fail Fast, Fail Forward, and Fail Better. Together this makes us “flawsome”.

Data, Strategy, and Content – Oh My!
Jason Maldonado, Senior Manager of Social Media, MailChimp
CJ Magda, Social Support Manager, MailChimp

MailChimp is no stranger to our summit stage. They are eager to share how they use our social platform to curate data, identify insights, and build marketing strategies that lead to higher engagement and success at the customer support level.

Conquer the World with Social – How Mary Kay Leverages Social Media to Drive Digital Change Across an Organization
Paul Jones, VP of Brand and Digital Marketing, Mary Kay

Having such a great global brand like Mary Kay on our summit stage was a treat. Mary Kay is taking the wheel and driving a digital evolution within their organization, making their customers feel confident, beautiful, and connected. They are using social data to influence decisions and create optimal global brand assets.

How Social Media is Shaping Shiseido’s Digital Journey
Amit Naik, Head of Global Analytics, Shiseido

Shiseido understands that peers and influencers are one of the more trusted sources in the consumer journey, especially when it comes to luxury brands. This makes the navigation of the social landscape complex, which is where the 3 C’s of social media become important – Content, Care, and Commerce.

Bringing the ‘Surround Sound’ Promise to Life
Nicole Allen, VP of Digital Marketing, Lewis Global Communications

Brands have an over production of content, but knowing if it’s the right content matters. Nicole urges brands not to shout through a loud speaker into a pool of saturated users. Instead, she shows how Lewis uses our platform to collect targeted audience insights and data that helps to inform clients’ approach surround sound marketing.

The Value of Social Media in B2B Marketing
Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore

Though Paige is only 60+ days into her new role at Sitecore, she shares how she’s arranges priorities and marketing goals. Campaigns, brand awareness, and engagement are key. After all engagement is the new black.

Move Fast and Break Things: How Experimental Content Combined with Measurement can Change Strategy for the Better
Dylan Ellsworth, Senior Manager, Social Media, Marriott International

What a treat to have Dylan from Marriott on our stage! Often we get used to content that works, but we must be mindful that everything revolving around social is constantly changing. Moving fast and breaking things along the way helps you stay relevant.

What’s Next?

Thank you to all of our speakers and everyone who joined us for a wonderful day. What a great day spent unlocking the power of social. We will have more summit news to share soon about Meltwater Social Summit – NYC.

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