Avengers Endgame – the Twitter hype is real

Lance Concannon Lance Concannon, Marketing Director, Europe

It’s a big week for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the 22nd and final movie in the current era of the franchise has landed, to an overwhelmingly positive reception from critics. In short, the nerds are excited.

We know a lot of you are planning to see the film this weekend, so you won’t find any spoilers here, just some analysis of the buzz surrounding its launch over the past few days. In fact, if you look at the top 10 hashtags in tweets about the film, the first result after the actual title is #dontspoiltheendgame, imploring people not to post spoilers on social media.

Equally, once you remove the film’s title from the word-cloud, the most prominent theme seems to be people worried about spoilers:

It’s an understandable concern, because over the past three days alone there have been:

  • 4.1 million tweets about the film
  • From 2.2 million Twitter users
  • With a combined reach of over 11 billion
  • And 16 billion impression

That’s a lot of buzz (especially since we’re only looking at English language results for this analysis) so it’s not surprising the film enjoyed the biggest opening night in cinema history.

The most commonly used emojis chart doesn’t really tell us much more than it’s clear people loved the film, although judging by the number one emoji it’s safe to say emotions are running high with this being the final instalment.

This is truly a global phenomenon, and even just focusing on English language tweets we see people posting from all over the world about the movie. The city tweeting most about Avengers Endgame is London, not just because of the high concentration of geeks there, but also probably because the movie was released in the UK a day ahead of the US.

A gender analysis of tweets about the film puts to rest any lingering notion that superhero movies are just for guys, as around 40% of people discussing it on Twitter are women.

There’s not much else we can say without delving too deep into the discussion about Avengers Endgame and potentially spoiling the story, so we’ll just leave you with the related tweet which has been shared the most over the past few days…

Header Image Credit: W_Minshull

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