The Most Talked About NFL Season Highlights So Far

Sarah Shoemaker Sarah Shoemaker

According to Meltwater’s New Flagship Social Analytics Tool: Explore

The NFL is back! We’re a month into the official 2019 season and using Meltwater’s new Explore tool, we have rounded up the highlights so far. Explore reaches across nearly all social media channels, but the traffic on Twitter alone illustrates fans’ enthusiasm for their beloved teams.

Week one is historically where we see how (if at all) our teams have evolved and learn from their last season. A lot of changes to take in this year: Le’Veon Bell is on the Jets; Joe Flacco is on the Broncos, and Aaron Rodgers is the least interesting thing about the Packers. For the first time in 65 years, the Cardinals started a rookie QB (who took 5 sacks and only averaged 5.7 yards per pass..), and Adam Vinatieri opened his 24th NFL season by missing two makable field goals. There are also some very unsurprising things to note: the Patriots are still the Patriots, doing what they do best with the Steelers failing to score a touchdown against the defending champs.

The Bears are right where we left them, opening their season with the NFL’s oldest rivalry, the Packers, and their offense performing so terribly no one seemed to notice the Packers offense also seemed to be sleeping, despite their victory. Analysis from our Explore tool shows us that the overwhelming sentiment attached to social media activity for this game was anger – a palpable feeling in Soldier Field as Chicago booed their own team.

Week two brought us Odell Beckham Jr.’s career-high 89-yard TD catch, New Orleans seems to have a penchant for being on the wrong end of questionable officiating (which matters less now that Brees looks to be out for an extended period of time), Chicago squeaked by against the Broncos thanks to their kicker, and the most interesting thing about the Chiefs and Raiders game was the minor sports sacrilege of playing football on a baseball field. Terry McLaurin spent his birthday losing to Redskins division rival, the Cowboys, and Lamar Jackson became the first player in NFL history to boast at least 250 passing yards and 120 rushing yards in one game. The Patriots rolled over the Dolphins, to absolutely no one’s surprise, and LaFleur is now the second Packers coach since Lombardi to start 2-0.

Week three saw the Bears take their virtual bye from the Redskins with 31 – 15, and San Francisco locked up their first 3-0 start in 21 years. Kyle Allen made a name for himself standing in for Cam Newton in the Panthers win against the Cardinals, and in more unsurprising news, the Patriots dominated the Jets. Fun fact: as of week 3, Patriot’s defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown in their last four games, including the Super Bowl. And speaking of the Super Bowl, Detroit is undefeated through a seasons first three games for just the 4th time. They won over the Eagles, who have a hard lineup ahead with notable injuries on the team and facing Green Bay at Green Bay, then the Vikings, and then the Cowboys. All three teams also took home their wins this week.

Despite the predictability, Patriots fans have lost none of their enthusiasm. The New England team dominated twitter mentions for week three, with about 23,000 more occurrences in mentions than the next highest mentioned word.

Like this blog? We’ll be running this analysis all season long. Stay tuned to our Twitter channel – @MeltwaterSocial to see the scorecard for the Top 5 most talked about NFL teams each week.

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