A Brief Guide to the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

It’s hardly surprising that professional marketers have always been a little skeptical of the benefits of social media marketing. Coming from an industry filled with buzzwords, hyperbole, and “next big thing” messaging, marketers are well aware of the dangers of buying the sizzle rather than the steak. They don’t want a sales pitch, they want concrete answers to their questions.

For instance, how exactly will social media marketing increase their company’s revenues? How will it help them win new customers, drive repeat business, and improve customer loyalty? What are the other tangible benefits of social media marketing?

To answer these questions, it’s essential to have a practical understanding of how social media marketing actually works in the real world. This means understanding social data, and learning how to quantify impact on social channels. It also means developing real relationships with customers, both individually and at scale.

One of the social media marketer’s most powerful tools, for instance, is social listening. By pulling all recent mentions of the company together from across the social media landscape, it becomes possible to quickly gain a clear understanding of customer sentiment about a brand or product. This data-driven approach makes it easy to identify influencers, address complaints, and track brand mentions and trends across a variety of social channels. The result is a treasure trove of marketing data that can inform future messaging and optimize marketing spends.

It seems crazy, but social media marketing actually allows brands to spend less money reaching their most profitable customer segments. It also allows for more precise tracking of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making it that much easier to refine future messaging. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Social listening also allows companies to keep an eye on the competition. Is a rival company’s new marketing campaign really gaining traction, or are they spending money on making a big splash? Social listening tools can provide unambiguous answers to those questions, and in real time. Marketers now have tools to anticipate their competition’s moves in the market, allowing then to create the perfect response.

Another major benefit of social media marketing is that it provides a wide range of potent targeting options. Traditional marketing relies on broadcasting a message to a roughly defined group in the hopes of connecting with a small percentage of potential customers. At best, was an inefficient way to reach the target demographic. Social media marketing completely changes the rules of the game, allowing brands to connect directly with people who share the exact age ranges, income groups, geographic areas, and even individual interests of their ideal customers. The result? Highly efficient campaign spending and dramatically increased conversion rates.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of social media marketing is that it can greatly amplify the efforts of even a small marketing team. Guided by experienced partners using proven social marketing strategies, and aided by the best available social media marketing solutions, great things can happen. It’s entirely possible to see huge social media results from even the most humble of marketing budgets.

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