Why Your Social Media Monitoring Suite Matters

Lance Concannon Lance Concannon, Marketing Director, Europe

Even under the best of circumstances, navigating the social media landscape is a serious challenge for any business. At any given moment, real conversations about your brand and products are taking place on major social platforms, discussion forums, and blogs. These conversations generate a tremendous amount of customer data, from brand sentiment to demand forecasting, but it’s far too much information for any one person to keep track of. To get great results from your social marketing, you’re going to need a powerful social media monitoring suite.

Plenty of companies offer some version of social media monitoring software, but it’s important to understand that not all of these offer very much in terms of real-world value. Some “social monitoring tools” simply track your brand’s likes, mentions, and retweets from a public API. You might end up with some pretty-looking dashboards of basic social data, but they probably won’t provide you with any genuinely meaningful customer insights.

A truly effective social media monitoring suite allows you to see your brand through the eyes of your target audiences. On the most basic level, this means having the ability to monitor anything and everything related to your brand and products. This goes far beyond simply identifying conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If customers on a niche product forum are comparing your brand to the competition, you need to know about it. Real social monitoring tools will show you exactly where those conversations are happening.

There’s also no reason to limit your social monitoring efforts to your own products and brand. Your social monitoring suite should also provide you with tools for monitoring the competition, allowing you to track their best-performing keywords, follower trends, and other metrics in real time. Not only does this make it possible to directly compare your results, but it also gives you the ability to better predict and respond to your rivals’ social media marketing moves.

Your social media monitoring suite should also provide you with great tools for live monitoring of brand discussions. If you brand is trending, you need to know why. It could be a friendly influencer giving you a viral boost, or it could be a reputation-ruining fiasco in the making. Either way, your social monitoring suite should give you the tools to stay ahead of the social tsunami.

There’s also some practical considerations to keep in mind. Your marketing team will need in-depth analysis and reporting tools, including access to historical data. The suite should be designed with collaboration in mind, making it easy to share research and results across an entire team. Your social suite should also be easily integrated with social media community management tools, bringing everything together in a central location. You can even take things to the next level by leveraging artificial intelligence across your social data, identifying trends and insights that may be too subtle to notice using traditional methods.

Lastly, you want all of these resources to be presented in a truly intuitive and user-friendly package. The reports and analysis generated by your social media monitoring suite should allow even the most spreadsheet-loving executives to instantly understand your research. Those insights should also be easy to turn into presentation-ready reports, highlighting the value of your investment in social media marketing.

If you plan on taking your social media marketing seriously, start by investing in the right social media monitoring suite.

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